2012 Year in Review: Security Scare at Philadelphia International AirportKenneth Mazik, 24, of Chadds Ford, Pa., drove his Jeep Cherokee through a perimeter gate and onto an active runway.
Man Who Drove SUV Onto Runway At PHL Gets 16 Months In PrisonA man who drove an SUV onto a Philadelphia airport runway, forcing a passenger jet on final approach to abort its landing, has been sentenced to 16 months in prison and told to pay $92,000 in restitution.
Chesco Man Pleads Guilty in PHL Airport Gate-Crashing IncidentKenneth Mazik went through the plea process, admitting to a crime that could get him up to 20 years in prison.
Guilty Plea Expected In PHL Airport Perimeter Gate-Crashing IncidentIt was a bizarre incident back on March 1st, when an SUV, with Kenneth Mazik behind the wheel, burst through a perimeter gate at the airport and onto an active runway.
Feds File Charges In Philadelphia International Airport Gate-Crashing IncidentKenneth Mazik, 24, of Chadds Ford, Pa., is charged in a criminal information document released by the US attorney's office in Philadelphia with disrupting air traffic and endangering airport safety.
Airport CEO Answers City Council’s Questions About Security After Gate CrashingThe incident last month in which a 24-year-old man rammed a gate at Philadelphia International Airport has prompted the airport to review the strength of its security perimeter.
Lawyer For PHL Gate-Crasher Says His Client Is 'Remorseful'Only on CBS 3 -- there are new developments surrounding the suspect charged with creating a major security scare at Philadelphia International Airport.
Psychiatric Tests Ordered For PHL Airport Gate- CrasherA federal judge has ordered a competency hearing and psychiatric evaluation for the Chadds Ford, Pa. man accused of driving his vehicle through a security fence and onto runways at Philadelphia International Airport two weeks ago.
Hearing Today On Mental Health Of Man Accused Of Crashing Through Gate At PHLFederal authorities are now seeking a mental health evaluation for the man who allegedly smashed through a gate and led police on a dangerous high speed chase on the runways at Philadelphia International Airport. A hearing is scheduled for later today.
Man Accused Of Crashing Car Through Fence At PHL Airport Turned Over To FedsKenneth Mazik, 24, had originally been charged both federally and locally, but now the local charges, including DUI and resisting arrest, have been dropped.
Bail Set at $1 Million For Man Nabbed Driving on Runway at PHL AirportKenneth Mazik, 24, of Chadds Ford, Pa., also faces federal charges in connection with the March 1st incident at Philadelphia International Airport.
Federal Charges Added For Man in PHL Airport Gate-Crashing IncidentA federal complaint charges 24-year-old Kenneth Richard Mazik with using a weapon -- in this case, his Jeep Cherokee -- to disrupt the services of Philadelphia International Airport.

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