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Blast Of Chilly Air Pushing Out Summer-Like Warmth

We’ve been enjoying a nice little blast of summer-like warmth here in the first week of October, but that’s all about to change this weekend!



Unsettled Workweek Weather Pattern

It was a gorgeous weekend for most of us (especially those away from the coast), but we are now paying our dues as a week of unsettled weather sets up across the Delaware Valley.



BLOG: Wettest August Ever!

So now that we’ve officially had the hottest July on record and the wettest August on record, the chatter in the newsroom on Friday turned to – what’s September going to bring us?!


Generic shot of sun

BLOG: Second Heat Wave On Its Way!

By Kate Bilo: Last year, on June 6th, Philadelphia was just finishing up its first heat wave. This year, on June 6th, we’ve already got one under our belts and we’re heading towards a potential second heat wave later this week.



Weather Blog: Rainy Stretch

By Kate Bilo: A tricky forecast this week as a broad upper-level low sits across the Eastern half of the country, delivering days upon days of unsettled weather.



BLOG: Wild Weather

By Kate Bilo: I can honestly say that in all my time studying weather, geeking out over weather, being a severe weather fanatic, I have never quite seen or heard of anything that compares to the utter destruction of yesterday’s tornado outbreak in Alabama.



BLOG: March 15th Weather Outlook

By Kate Bilo: Well, winter is certainly winding down, and as we head through the last week of the season, things are starting to feel decidedly “spring-like”!



BLOG: March 3rd Weather Outlook

By Kate Bilo: Baby, it’s COLD outside! March is a month that’s often characterized by a Battle Royale between cold and warm, dry and moist, winter and spring.


Ben Franklin Bridge

BLOG: February 16th Morning Weather

By Kate Bilo: “I Love The Smell of WAA in the Morning …” WAA in weather terms = Warm Air Advection, and that’s what’s going to give us a nice little spring preview for the rest of the week!


Valentine's Day Weather

BLOG: Valentine’s Day Weather

By Kate Bilo: Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and our much-anticipated warming trend has begun!



BLOG: February 11th Morning Weather

By Kate Bilo: A frigid start to Friday this morning as many folks in Philadelphia’s suburbs woke up to single-digit morning lows.



BLOG: February 10th Morning Weather

Folks across Delaware and Southern New Jersey woke up this morning to a light covering of snow on the ground, with some brief heavier bands pushing through Sussex County.



BLOG: February 9th Morning Weather

By Kate Bilo: If you’re looking for something to warm you up through the next two cold days, just take a look at the warmth that will begin to spread across the region starting this weekend!