Judge John Cleland

(Jerry Sandusky, in file photo)

Judge Allows Sandusky To Put On Disorder Testimony

Jerry Sandusky won a court ruling Friday that will let him have an expert testify about a psychiatric condition that his lawyer says helps explain letters he wrote to his accusers and other actions being construed as him grooming victims.


(Former Penn State defensive coach Jerry Sandusky arrested amid child sex abuse allegations.)

Judge In Jerry Sandusky Case Denies Accusers’ Bid For Pseudonyms; Bans Tweeting

Alleged victims of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will have to testify using their real names, and tweets or other electronic communications by reporters will not be permitted during the trial, the judge ruled Monday.



Sandusky’s Lawyers Ask State Appeals Court For Delay In Sex Abuse Trial

After having been rebuffed several times by the trial judge, Jerry Sandusky’s attorneys have now appealed to a higher court seeking a review of the case and a postponement of the trial.


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Judge Refuses To Toss Charges Against Sandusky

The judge presiding over the Jerry Sandusky case has issued his rulings on pre-trial motions discussed in court last week.


(Jerry Sandusky addresses the press following a hearing in Bellefonte, Pa.)

Few Issues Resolved At Jerry Sandusky Pretrial Hearing

It looks as though motions to dismiss charges against Jerry Sandusky may be argued another day.


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Sandusky Seeks 2-Month Delay In Sex-Abuse Trial

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer wants the judge in his child sex-abuse case to delay the start of his trial until mid-July.