Joseph Ligambi

File photo of Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.

Reputed Philly Mob Boss Freed After 2 Trials

The reputed boss of the Philadelphia mob boss is a free man after beating two racketeering trials over two years.


File photo of Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.

Feds Drop Case Against Joseph Ligambi

Joseph Ligambi could have faced a third trial after jurors acquitted him last week of witness tampering while deadlocking on three other charges.


(The US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  File photo by Ed Fischer)

Ligambi Acquitted Of One More Count in Philly Mob Retrial; Borgesi Ordered Freed

After weeks of off-and-on deliberations, a federal court jury in Philadelphia has acquitted Joseph Ligambi on one count and confirmed it was deadlocked on three others against him. The jury also acquitted co-defendant George Borgesi of the one count against him.


(The US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  File photo by Ed Fischer)

Judge Tells Jurors In Ligambi Racketeering Retrial To Keep Deliberating

The jury reported to the judge that it had reached a verdict on two of the five counts against alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi and alleged co-conspirator George Borgesi.


File photo of Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.

Philadelphia Mob Retrial Heads To Closing Arguments

Closing arguments are set Monday in the retrial of reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.


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Sure There’s Crime, But Not My Client’s, Ligambi Attorney Tells Judge

Alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi remains behind bars pending his retrial, even as his attorney plans an appeal.


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Bail Denied For Alleged Mob Boss Joseph Ligambi As He Awaits Retrail

A jury recently acquitted Ligambi of five of the charges against him but was unable to reach a verdict on four others.


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Bail Hearing Monday As Alleged Philly Mob Boss Awaits Retrial

Federal prosecutors want alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi held pending his retrial, while the defense argues the government’s case was mostly obliterated during his recent trial and he should be freed.


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Mob Trial Jury Returns Array of Guilty, Not Guilty, and Deadlock Decisions

Reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi will seek bail after a jury deadlocked on a racketeering charge against him, and deadlocked or acquitted him of all eight lesser counts in a gambling and loansharking case.


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After Two Re-Starts, Jury Deliberations Resume In Ligambi Organized Crime Trial

Jury deliberations, which began two weeks ago, have not gone smoothly. Two jurors have been removed, one for illness, the other because the juror reportedly knew a witness and reported it during deliberations. Each time the jury had to start over.


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Jurors To Resume Deliberations In Philly Mob Trial

A federal jury is entering its sixth day of deliberations in the racketeering trial of the reputed boss of the Philadelphia mob and six others.


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Jury Deliberations Resume In Ligambi’s Organized Crime Trial

A federal jury is now considering the alleged mob racketeering case against alleged boss Joseph Ligambi and 6 others.


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Accused Philly Mob Leader’s Lawyer Gives Closing Arguments

Veteran mob lawyer Edwin Jacobs gave closing arguments Monday on behalf of accused Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.


(The federal courthouse at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia.  File photo by Ed Fischer)

Admitted Philadelphia Mobster Takes Stand Against Former Colleagues

Admitted mob associate Louis Monacello testified that he collected “street tax” or “tribute” for defendant and alleged mob boss Joseph Ligambi and others.


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Mob Threats or Idle Talk? Trial of 7 Alleged Philadelphia Mobsters Continues

As the trial for accused Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Ligambi continues, a gambler and bookmaker — and now cooperating witness — has testified that his failure to repay money he owed to the mob resulted in threats.