Jonathan Nyquist

(With the unit's solar panel in the background and its wooden housing in the foreground, Prof. Jonathan Nyquist, center, chats with a reporter at right about the weather-resistant reinstallation of Temple's seismometer.  Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Temple University Will Reinstall Its Waterlogged Ambler Seismometer

“I go out there, I pop it open, there’s water to the top of the drum. The seismograph is completely under water,” recalls Prof. Jonathan Nyquist.


(Several Breyer horses from Bernadette Porter's collection toppled from the shelves in her home near Allentown, Pa.  Credit: Frank Porter)

Aftershocks But No Bigger Quake Expected, Says Temple U. Expert

Jonathan Nyquist, chairman of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Temple University, says we shouldn’t be surprised, because earthquakes do happen here occasionally in the Philadelphia area.