Joint Pain


Best Treatments for Achy Joints

Best Treatments for Achy Joints . There’s nothing more inconvenient than getting a sudden shooting pain in your knee when you’re walking from your car to the office. The same could also be said about […]



Treating Osteoarthritis

When we talk about osteoarthritis, part of it is lifestyle and part of it is medical treatment as well.


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Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis

One out of every one hundred people will develop rheumatoid arthritis. Half the people who get it, get it as a result of the fact that it runs in the family.



Treating Osteoarthritis

In osteoarthritis the protective cartilage in the joints wears down over time. It’s more common in people over 50 and people who are overweight, but cartilage can wear away in virtually anyone.


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The Disabling Nature Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis. One percent of people will get rheumatoid arthritis in their lifetime.


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Millions Suffer With Gout

Scientists believe that increases in obesity and high blood pressure are reasons for the rise in gout – an extremely painful inflammatory arthritis. But there is treatment.



Treating Osteoarthritis

Do your knees and other joints hurt? If you are over fifty it might be a result of osteoarthritis.


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Exercising With DJD

DJD or degenerative joint disease is a problem that occurs as people get older, but they don’t have to stop getting exercise.


Medication Is Not The Only Treatment For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a very big problem that far too many people face. And, an added problem is that many people turn to pain medications far too quickly.


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