2 Local Professors’ Research Finds Teens Having “Sex Parties” Is Mostly Just An Urban LegendIt's a sign of the times, stories of sexual misbehavior by seemingly a whole generation of young people. The good news is, say two local researchers, that it's largely not true.
Two Of Google's Founders Describe How To Run A Company Like The FirmNot many companies are going to take over the world the way Google has, but now you can access the business savvy of two men who helped make it so.
G.M. Warns Owners of New Corvettes About Legal Questions Around Car's 'Valet Mode'Recording audio without everyone's permission (in this case the valet's) could be a felony in Pennsylvania, which requires all-party consent for recording audio.
Author Updates Guide To Having Drug-Free Kids Because He Says Dangers And Lures Have ChangedThe ravages of drug addiction are well-known but it can be a tough fight for parents to keep their kids out of that risky pursuit. A book offers a little bit of prevention instead of the need for a cure.
Young Woman Who Is HIV Positive Had More Trouble With Others Than With The Disease ItselfBeing born with HIV can be tough enough, but it turns out that dealing with the people who find out, and misunderstand, can be worse.
Philadelphia Man’s Memoir Describes The Rollicking Lighthearted Story Of His Battle With CancerA Philadelphia man is recounting his battle with throat cancer in a surprisingly upbeat way.
Freshwater Mussels Reintroduced to Tacony CreekProject organizers have transferred 60 mussels from a plump bed in the Delaware River to Tacony Creek, where there were none remaining.
The Long Process Of Restoring The Historic Mt. Moriah CemeteryThere's a new deal on the horizon for a historic, border-straddling cemetery that took years to fall into disrepair and will likely need years to mount a comeback.
Infrastructure Funding Largely Tapped Out, Even For A Daily Need Such As Drinking WaterFederal funding for highway and transit projects is stuck in neutral due to Congressional gridlock but there's another infrastructure issue that affects us where we live.
Fairmount Water Works Hosts First FLOW Fest (For the Love Of Water)The Fairmount Water Works is hosting a party tomorrow and it didn't have to go far for a theme.
Philly Native Pens Memoir About 32 Years In The CIA -- If You Read It, Fortunately He Won't Have To Kill You Hollywood and popular culture get just about everything wrong about the CIA's work, says Jack Devine, author of Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story.
Jay Paterno Writes Book On Father's Legacy, Includes Sandusky ScandalJoe Paterno's son, Jay, is out with a biography of his famous father that he says does not ignore the Sandusky scandal, but puts it in perspective.

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