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NJ Lawmaker Wants To Allow Non-Legal Residents to Gain Driving Privileges

A bill now under consideration in the New Jersey legislature would allow a resident of the state who is not a legal citizen to get a driver’s license.


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NJ Officials Brainstorm Ways To Make Schools Safer

Three proposals were offered up in the legislature just this week in New Jersey.


New Jersey Election

2 Powerful Dems Face Challenges In NJ Primary

Two of New Jersey’s best-known candidates sailed to victory unopposed in Tuesday’s primary election, while two of the Legislature’s most entrenched Democrats were in a fight for their political lives.


NJ primary

2 Powerful Democrats Face Challenges In New Jersey Primary

There weren’t many competitive races on the ballot and voter turnout was likely to be less than 10 percent, but two powerful Democratic lawmakers were fighting to keep their jobs in Tuesday’s New Jersey primary.


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NJ Governor Vetoes Jobs Bills, Citing Costs

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed 14 bills meant to spur jobs creation, saying the sponsors failed to identify money to pay for them.