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Best Black Friday Bargains Are Just A Touch Away

You’ve got a shopping list, your wallet is at the ready — but don’t forget your smartphone this Black Friday — you could be missing out on deals.


Santa Claus

It’s Never To Early To See Santa At The Mall

Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves touched down at a mall in South Jersey Friday night.


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Le Bec Fin To Convert To iPad Menus

One of Philadelphia’s landmark restaurants is taking a decidedly modern approach to menus.


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Handwriting Without Tears App

Got a kid learning their letters and numbers? Handwriting Without Tears, a system used in schools around the country, has come up with an app that can make things a lot easier.


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5 Best Educational Apps To Download

Education and technology are becoming increasingly integrated, and keeping up on all of the new educational applications for kids is important. One of the biggest struggles is not finding an app; it is finding the appropriate app.


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Apple Could Soon Announce A Change To The iPad

With the competition circling and rumors swirling, Apple could release a smaller, seven-inch version of the iPad.


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Microsoft Unveils iPad Competitor ‘Surface’

It’s not just a tablet. It’s a PC. That’s how Microsoft is positioning its new device that the company hopes will give Apple a run for its money.


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Fingle is a two-player game for the iPad. It’s basically twister for your fingers, forcing you to move icons into slots at the same time as another player. If the icons touch, you lose.


Battle of the Bulge game screen example. (Credit: Shenandoah Studio)

Phila.-Based Game Designers Bring Old-School War Board Games To iOS

Philadelphia is home to a start-up firm creating games for the iPad and iPhone. But, this is about as far from Angry Birds as you can get.


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iPhoto App

iPhoto takes the popular editing suite from the Mac to the iDevice with a ton of features and a very user friendly interface.


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Accela Study App

If you’re trying to take up a second language, the AccelaStudy app lets you do so on the go, with smartphone-based interactive quizzes and memorization tricks.


Apple enthusiasts camped outside the Center City store at 4 a.m. to get the new iPad. Some arrived at 10 p.m. the previous night. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Apple Enthusiasts Camp Out For The New iPad

The new iPad goes on sale today and the usual line of eager Apple devotees were lined up outside the Center City store, early this morning.


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AV Player HD App

The iPad does just fine when it’s playing Apple’s proprietary video formats, but doesn’t always work with videos you import onto the system. The AVPlayerHD app fixes that.


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Apple Unveils ‘New iPad’ With Sharper Screen

Apple’s new iPad revealed on Wednesday has, as expected, a sharper screen, driven by a faster processing chip that acts as the “brains” of the device — but no new name.


Apple's iPad 2 will soon be a thing of the past. (file photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Apple Unveils New iPad Today

We’ll get our first look at Apple’s new iPad this afternoon.