(credit: Phran Novelli)

Native Hydrangea Handles The Cold

Time will tell if those old-fashioned and not originally from this country pink and blue hydrangeas will survive this winter, but our native hydrangeas will surely bounce back.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

A Bloomin’ Mistake In My Garden

Here’s a garden mistake I made that turned into a nice surprise.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Prune Only Hydrangea’s Bare Branches

Other than bare branches, don’t start snipping and pruning your big leaf hydrangeas now or you’ll cut away any chance of having any blooms next year.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Smooth Hydrangeas Not Ruffled By The Winter

For all the fuss about the trouble with old fashioned pink and blue hydrangeas this year, there’s a stand out in the garden that’s doing just dandy after our harsh winter.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Winter Garden May Bloom With Snow

If you left the heads on hydrangeas, let the grasses wave in the wind, and didn’t cut every perennial to the ground when it turned brown, you have reason to celebrate each time it snows.



When To Water Drooping Plants

Does wilting mean watering? That depends. When you see plants with droopy leaves – look at the time of day.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Raise Your Garden Right

The right plant in the right spot shouldn’t need to be babied. Good gardeners raise their plants to find their own way to bloom and grow and thrive.