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Wells Fargo To Host Homeownership Opportunity Fair On June 20

By Jim Donovan: As interest rates remain low, now may be a good time to buy a home for those who are financially prepared. So Wells Fargo will host a free Homeownership Opportunities Fair on […]


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Foreclosed Property May Have Hidden Expenses – Or Worse

A Florida man who bought a home in a foreclosure auction last month got a gruesome surprise when he finally got to enter the home – a corpse.


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Real Estate By Redfin

Real Estate by Redfin alerts you within minutes whenever a home in your desired area is listed. You’ll also find out when prices drop and you can set up an appointment.


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Houses Selling Like Hotcakes Here And There

Spring 2014 housing indicators tell us that procrastination is not the way forward for buyers.


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The Obligation Of A Home Seller To Disclose Information

Can you sue the seller of a house who doesn’t tell you that something horrible happened there before you bought it?


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Buyer Beware Of What Home Sellers Don’t Have To Disclose

While state laws differ, in general home sellers must disclose to potential buyers known physical defects like a basement that floods or the presence of lead paint but things like a murder that happened in the house don’t have to be revealed.


The Limits Of A Condo Or Homeowner’s Association

When you buy a condo or buy into a development, you think you’re free to decorate your place as you choose – but you’re not.


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You Get A Divorce, They Buy Your House

It is an interesting real estate phenomenon emerging. Buyers are cruising legal notices and looking for couples divorcing so they can swoop in and make an offer on their house.


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