Woman Misses Major Life Events Due To Mysterious 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is a rare condition that strikes mainly teenagers and causes them to sleep or be in a trance for days, sometimes even weeks, at a time.
Report: Odds Children Convicted Of Crime Later In Life Rise Significantly With More TV They WatchChildren between the ages of 8 and 18 watch three hours of TV per day on average.
Health: The Life-Threatening Exercise Syndrome That Almost Ended A WeddingIt's called rhabdomyolysis and it happened to a Delaware County woman at the worst time imaginable.
Postpartum Depression, Not Just For MomsWhen you think of postpartum depression, you think of the mom. But dads can suffer too.
Mascots For A Cure Kicks Off Tour In PhiladelphiaCrushing childhood cancer is what this tour is aiming to do. It's a serious mission, but this group is making it fun.
Father Invents Product To Help Tame Daughter's Frizzy HairHe is a scientist, with a daughter who had a constant struggle with her frizzy hair.
Health Benefits In Laughing Yoga Are No JokeLaughing yoga combines traditional stretching with gut-busting laughs and, despite the fun, doctors say it can have serious health benefits.
Raccoon Tests Positive For Rabies After Being Caught By PoliceAllentown is reminding pet owners to keep their animals up to date on rabies vaccinations.
Pennsylvania Breeding Facility Rat Tests Positive For Seoul VirusThe remaining rats in the Pennsylvania facility were euthanized to prevent the spread of the disease.
Taste With Tori: Mom Pens 'Cooking With Leo,' As Family Navigates Autism, AllergiesA mother has written an allergy-free, autism family cookbook inspired by her son.
A Flu Season UpdateHealth officials say so far it's been an average year for the flu, and that the vaccine is working pretty well.
Researchers: People Biologically Wired To Block Opposing Political ViewsPolitics has deeply divided Americans nowadays, and researchers say your brain may actually be to blame.

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