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With Beach Fitness Class, 'Pay Your Dues Before You Booze'"You're going to look like a sugar cookie by the end," Jost said. But you won't feel as bad eating sugar cookies later.
Older Dads Have Geeky Sons, Study SaysIf you think of yourself as a geeky boy, you may want to thank your old man, according to a study published Tuesday in Translational Psychiatry.
Health Insurance Saves Lives, Researchers SayAs Senate Republicans try to settle on a final health care bill for a vote later this week, a new report published Monday in a major medical journal says not having health insurance increases a patient's risk of death.
Kate Bilo Hospitalized Following Multiple Blood Clots In LungsBilo said she initially felt a dull pain in her side on Friday when she took a deep breath.
Tick That Triggers Red Meat Allergy Spreading Across U.S.The tick species is most present in the southeastern U.S., but lately has been spreading north up the East Coast and into the Midwest.
Jogging 40 Minutes A Day Has "Fountain Of Youth" Effect On Cells, Study FindsAccording to a new study, jogging 40 minutes a day has a "fountain of youth" effect on cells.
Fifth Republican Senator Comes Out Against Senate Health Care BillSen. Dean Heller, R-Nevada, announced Friday he can’t support the plan because it rolls back Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid and puts federal funding limits on the program.
U.S. Bans Beef From Brazil Due To Safety ConcernsThe United States joins the European Union, China, Hong Kong, Chile, and Japan in banning fresh beef imports from Brazil.
New Therapy Wants People Who Have Trouble Sleeping To Sleep LessSleep experts say once patients are out of bed, they should try simply reading – no television or electronics, no food or alcohol.
Study: Thousands Of Microbes Found On $1 BillsThe bacteria, fungi and pathogens that were found on the bills can cause serious illnesses, such as skin infections, food poisoning and stomach ulcers.
Proposed Medicaid Cuts Threaten Disabled Kids, Local Families SayAdvocates for people with disabilities declared Thursday a National Day of Action to spread the word about proposed cuts to Medicaid.
Study: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects Brain Against Alzheimer's DiseaseNew research from Philadelphia about extra virgin olive oil and its role in fighting alzheimer's disease.

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