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New 3D Movie Giving People High Anxiety, Making Some SickThe new movie about the daredevil 1974 tightrope walk at the World Trade Center is having an impact on audiences.
Health: Jefferson Hospital App For Virtual ER VisitJefferson Hospital has unveiled a new app that connects you with an emergency physician in minutes for a virtual ER visit.
POLL: Should Philly Require Salt Warnings At Chain Restaurants?Salty fare from sandwiches to salads will soon come with a first-of-its-kind warning label at chain restaurants in New York City.
Area Hospital Offers Alternative To Blood Thinners For Heart PatientsPatients with Atrial Fibrillation now have an alternative to blood thinners to protect them from the risk of stroke.
Popular Pet Therapy Program At CHOP Is ExpandingThe Gerald Shreiber Pet Therapy Program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is so popular, it's being substantially expanded.
Study: New Research Links Drinking Coffee To Preventing Cancer RecurrenceAccording to new research, drinking coffee could have a positive impact on reducing the chances of a recurrence of of colon cancer or death from the disease.
Study: Frequent Social Media Usage Linked To Sadness In TeensA new study is drawing a link between social media usage and mental health in teenagers.
Study: Cancer Treatment Is Working, But Eligible Patients Aren't Receiving ItThe three-year survival rate jumped from 71% to 81% in the women undergoing the test.
Health: Man Survives Cancer and Heart Transplant, Then Bikes Coast to CoastA Montgomery County cancer survivor rode his bike across the country to help others.
Health: New Developments In Alzheimer's ResearchResearchers have a good understanding of what causes this most extreme form of dementia, and now, in an exciting development, they are studying a possible way to stop it.
Health: Sunscreen & SPF NumberAn SPF of 30 or higher, blocks 97 percent of the suns damaging rays, the primary cause of skin cancer.
Advocates Call For Bill That Could Help Cure Disease, Find Better TreatmentsSupporters gathered on the Main Line Friday to push for the bill.