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Popular Pet Therapy Program At CHOP Is Expanding

The Gerald Shreiber Pet Therapy Program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is so popular, it’s being substantially expanded.


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Study: New Research Links Drinking Coffee To Preventing Cancer Recurrence

According to new research, drinking coffee could have a positive impact on reducing the chances of a recurrence of of colon cancer or death from the disease.


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Study: Frequent Social Media Usage Linked To Sadness In Teens

A new study is drawing a link between social media usage and mental health in teenagers.


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Study: Cancer Treatment Is Working, But Eligible Patients Aren’t Receiving It

The three-year survival rate jumped from 71% to 81% in the women undergoing the test.


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Health: Man Survives Cancer and Heart Transplant, Then Bikes Coast to Coast

A Montgomery County cancer survivor rode his bike across the country to help others.


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Health: New Developments In Alzheimer’s Research

Researchers have a good understanding of what causes this most extreme form of dementia, and now, in an exciting development, they are studying a possible way to stop it.


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Health: Sunscreen & SPF Number

An SPF of 30 or higher, blocks 97 percent of the suns damaging rays, the primary cause of skin cancer.


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Advocates Call For Bill That Could Help Cure Disease, Find Better Treatments

Supporters gathered on the Main Line Friday to push for the bill.


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Keep Your Ice From Becoming Contaminated

A recent study of restaurants in the UK found that samples of ice at six out of ten chain restaurants contained more bacteria than samples of toilet water.


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Health: Local Woman To Be Honored At White House For Her Efforts To Raise Awareness About Cystic Fibrosis

A Montgomery County woman will be honored at the White House Wednesday for her efforts to fight a devastating disease. The President will recognize nine people as Champions of Change for being on the front lines of finding new kinds of treatments.


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Health: Resistant Starches May Aid In Weight Loss

It’s called a “resistant starch” or the “skinny carb” and it’s being hailed as a fat-burning breakthrough.


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Scientists Isolate Protein Linked With Impaired Memory, Learning

Scientists also believe there may be a way to attack this protein and it could be targeted to prevent age related memory loss.


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Health: New Lung Cancer Treatments Show Promise

The new numbers from the CDC show the number of cancer deaths will rise most among black women.


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Study: More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Are Overweight Or Obese

While more men than women are considered overweight, more women are obese.


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Health: Bucks Woman Diagnosed Wrongly With MS Isn’t Alone

Imagine being treated for a devastating condition that you don’t have. It happens more often than you think. CBS 3 health reporter Stephanie Stahl has the exclusive story of how it happened to a woman in Bucks County.