Pinch Back Petunias To Keep Them PerkyHow can you keep your planters of petunias and such looking perky all summer?
Add Annuals To Your Garden For More FireworksThe best flower displays are like great fireworks shows - lots of color all at once and too much is never really enough. So when early bloomers die down, add some colorful annuals to continue the show.
Verbena Doesn't DisappointYou often see annual <em>Verbena</em> used in hanging baskets since it has a pretty way of cascading over the sides but the perennial <em>Verbena</em> provides for a colorful long-lasting ground cover.
Hang On! There's A Better Way To Do Hanging PotsPeople wonder why their hanging baskets poop out each year and the answer is - too many plants in a too-small pot. Here's an alternative.
Mulch Pots And Hangers To Hold MoistureWhatever you put inside your pots, make your life a little easier this summer by topping off your containers with a little bit of mulch to reduce evaporation.

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