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Oversee Your Swimming Dog

Many dogs love to swim but there are a number of limits and precautions you should take before and after.


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A Dog’s Tail Is Telling

Every dog’s tail is fully equipped with signals and messages meant for communication with us and with each other on a daily basis.


German Shepherd

Big Dogs May Suffer From Bloat

Bloat is a serious condition which occurs primarily in larger breed dogs. It is an expansion of the stomach due to a build-up of gases – and it can be deadly.


Capt. April Nees felt an immediate connection with Swoop. (credit: Suzanne Monaghan)

Adoption Program Matches Veterans With Homeless Greyhounds

April Nees and Swoop were brought together through the “Hounds for Heroes” program which allows veterans to adopt greyhounds free of charge.


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Retired Greyhounds Up For Adoption In Northeast Philadelphia

It’s not unusual for Florida residents to come to Philadelphia at this time of year to escape the sub-tropical summer, but one group of recent arrivals escaped more than heat.



by KYW’s Nan Talleno — Sighthounds, also known as gazehounds, are a specialized group of dogs, belonging to the hound group. Having a highly developed sense of sight, they were bred primarily to hunt their […]

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