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Health: The Great Germ DebateAre you a germaphobe? No one wants to get sick, but what makes sense and what doesn't?
Study: The Dirtiest Thing You Touch Each Day Is Probably Not The Toilet SeatGerms are everywhere, but nine everyday things you touch may be dirtier than your toilet seat according to a new study.
The 'Scough' Can Help Protect You From The FluIt’s a fashionable way to help prevent the flu.
The 'Scough' ScarfFor more information about the 'scough', visit:
Health: Study Says An Intimate Kiss Is Actually Loaded With BacteriaA kiss is just a kiss - unless you're worried about germs. A new study was released Monday that says an intimate kiss is actually loaded with bacteria.
Study: Fist Bumps Less Germy Than Handshakes The familiar knocking of knuckles spreads only one-twentieth the amount of bacteria that a handshake does, researchers report.
Cringe-worthy Study Reveals Stethoscopes May Be Covered In BacteriaIt seems obvious now that it’s mentioned, but you’ve probably never considered the germs that could be congregating on the most rudimentary of medical tools.
Health: FDA Taking Closer Look At Antibacterial SoapAntibacterial soap may cause more harm than good according to the Food and Drug Administration, which today proposed new regulations.
Avoid Hospital Stays When PossiblePatients should only be admitted to the hospital when they absolutely need to be. Your own home may be a better environment for recovery.
Health: Drink Can GermsAmericans consume millions of canned beverages. But did you know you could be getting a sip of Bacillus?
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