Gasoline Prices

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As Pennsylvania Fuel Taxes Rise, How Will Motorists Adjust?

When most people hear “tax increase,” their blood pressure goes up. But maybe not this time.


(A Wawa gas station in Glen Mills, Pa. advertises regular gas for $2.94 a gallon.  Photo by Justin Udo)

Fill It Up Like It’s 2008!   Area Gasoline Prices Falling Below $3/Gallon In Some Locales

There are now quite a few gas stations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey where you can find regular gas for under $3.00 a gallon.


(A gas station in Atco, NJ advertises unleaded regular for $3.039 per gallon.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

Fuel Prices Could Be Headed Below $3.00 Per Gallon In Parts of South Jersey

There at least four gas stations in Berlin and Atco charging $3.039 for a gallon of gas. That’s welcome relief for motorists.


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Wholesale Gasoline Tax in Pa. Goes Up By 9.5¢/Gal.

The tax rises 9.5 cents today, then another 9.5 cents in 2015.


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Experts See Delaware Valley Fuel Prices Headed Into $4 Range

The average fuel price in Philadelphia has reached $3.70 a gallon as the result of a 17-cent spike over the last week.


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Less Pain At The Pump For Drivers This Spring

Prices at the pump are declining, and several factors in the market could help that trend could continue.


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Area Gas Prices Heading Up With No End In Sight

You may have noticed while filling up, that gas prices are significantly higher.


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No End In Sight To Increasing Prices At The Pump

It was nice to watch gas prices tumble leading up to the 4th of July. Triple-AAA Mid-Atlantic says that’s over, for now.


For The First Time Since January, A Little Less Pain At The Pump

The streak is over! For the first time in over five weeks gasoline prices are down.


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Drexel Professor Weighs In On The Rising Price Of Gasoline

A gallon of regular is now $3.65 in Philadelphia, $3.50 in New Jersey on average up six cents and five cents, respectively, from last week.


AAA Mid-Atlantic: NJ Gas Prices Continue To Fall

Motorists continue to see lower prices at the pumps in New Jersey.


Gasoline Prices Continue To Soar In New Jeresy

AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular gasoline on Friday was $3.30, up 16 cents from last week in New Jersey.


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Libya Unrest Pushing Local Gasoline Prices Ever Higher

The rebellion in Libya has caused another big spike in oil prices this week, pushing gasoline prices in our region ever higher.


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Gasoline Prices Nudging $3.00 In Southeastern Pennsylvania

“We’re up four cents just this weekend, and up seven cents from just a week ago,” notes Midatlantic AAA spokeswoman Jana Tidwell.