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Homes Damaged In Lehigh County Gas Explosion

Several homes were damaged and evacuations were ordered after a gas explosion in Lehigh County Thursday morning.


Fuel Smart App

As gas prices continue to rise, a few cents at the pump can add up pretty quickly. FuelSmart uses gas price databases to show you current prices at stations near you.


3 On Your Side: Best Ways To Save On Gas

Week after week, month after month, drivers have been feeling pain at the pump. Spring is usually a time where we get some relief from high gas prices, but not this year. And who knows what the summer will hold!


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5 Tips To Save Gas

Check out these tips from EcoMedia on how to save energy on the road, which in turn could help you spend less on gas.



Gas Leak Sends Three To Montgomery County Hospital

A defective heater sent an odor of natural gas through a home in Montgomery County Sunday morning.


South Jersey Travelers Can Expect Stable Gas Prices This Holiday Season

How low will they go? Gasoline prices in the area remain stable or as in the case in South Jersey appearing to be falling.


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Delaware Police Investigate BP Gas Station Robbery

Delaware State Police are investigating the robbery of a BP gas station in New Castle.


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Police: Carbon Monoxide To Blame In Death Of Abington Woman And Dog

A woman and her dog were killed Friday following an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning in an Abington home, according to police.


Police: Suspect Drilled Holes Into Puckup Truck, Stole Gas In Bensalem

Police in Bucks County are trying to figure out who drilled holes in the gas tank of a truck parked in a mall parking lot.


Local Car Expert Says Ethanol-Added Gasoline Can Damage Older Engines

The EPA approves E15 as it’s called for model year 2001 cars or newer, but there are a lot of older ones still on the road.


Gas Prices Continue To Fall In NJ

Motorists continue to see lower prices at the pumps in New Jersey, even though the national average is up slightly for the first time in eight weeks.



Gas Prices At $4 Mark In 5 States

Five states already have gas prices above $4 per gallon, and New York could join them early next week.



3 On Your Side: Most Fuel Efficient SUV’s

Is the high price at the gas pump giving you sticker shock? Despite economic concerns, SUV sales are thriving. So what’s a penny-wise driver to do? 3-On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has some advice on how to find models with the best mileage.


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AAA Offers New App That Locates Cheaper Gas

These days there’s an app for everything and Rick Remington with AAA says nowadays, there’s an application for your smart phone that helps you find the best deal on gas.



3 On Your Side: Tracking Gas Prices

Everywhere you turn gas prices are going up, up and up! With no end in sight, some drivers are heading online to Gas Buddy, AAA’s Fuel Finder, and MapQuest.