Gary R'Nel Talks With La Salle Professor About South Carolina ShootingGary R'Nel talks with La Salle Professor Dr. Charles Gallagher about the South Carolina shooting.
Philadelphia AME Pastor: South Carolina Massacre “Hurts Anyone Of Faith”The AME church is a worldwide denomination with origins based in Philadelphia and has spread to 5 continents, 39 countries and now have over 3 million members.
R'nel: Americans Enamored With TrumpDonald Trump is providing America’s electorate with an invaluable service.
NJ Senator On Bill That Would Outlaw Smoking In Cars With Kids: Adults Should Be Held Accountable 'For Putting The Lives And The Health Of Children At Risk'Vitale told Gary R'Nel on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that this bill is just another step in keeping children safe while driving.
Beth Anne Mumford From Americans For Prosperity: 'We Should Not Be Asked To Send Another Penny To Harrisburg' Until Budget Reform Happens Beth Anne Mumford from Americans for Prosperity of Pennsylvania spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT evening host Gary R'nel about the budget problems that are occurring in Harrisburg.
R'Nel: 'The Duggar Distraction'It is absolutely astounding to consider how many Americans are enthralled and absorbed with the Duggar family story involving sexual improprieties
R'nel: An Egregious Error In JudgmentThe most technologically advanced GPS system in existence could not facilitate the Obama administration in navigating through its foreign policy decisions.
La Salle Professor: 'The Fall Of Ramadi Is A Serious Setback'Boyle told Gary R'Nel on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT the decision not to re-commit ground troops is more of political decision than a tactical one.
Gary R'Nel: Common Sense Is Nearly ExtinctDeparting from my usual focus on a singular topic, today’s column addresses several recent events in the news.
Gary R'nel: Baltimore’s Leadership Lacks Integrity Baltimore’s Mayor and State Attorney each best exemplify the purest definition of an incendiary device.
R'nel: A Nation In Educational PerilThe results of the 2014 test, called the National Assessment of Educational Progress are disquieting, distressing and disturbing.
Gary R'nel: The President’s Bizarre Delusion It is ordained that the President of the United States shall provide comfort to citizens affected by calamitous events.

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