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Funeral Shopping Regulated By FTC

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission allows you to compare prices among funeral homes.


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Can Funeral Processions Proceed Through Red Lights?

Is there a legal right for the funeral motorcade to go through lights in order to stay together?


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Driving In A Funeral Procession

Do drivers in funeral processions have the right to go through red lights to stay in procession?


Funeral Laws

Many funeral homes allow you to prepay for funeral expenses, but before you do, ask what you’re paying for – merchandise only or the services too?


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More Americans Choosing Cremation Over Standard Burial

Local funeral director explains that choosing cremation does not necessarily mean cheaper services and people should plan ahead.


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Some Masses To Be Allowed At Closed Allentown Churches

An eastern Pennsylvania diocese says it will allow some Masses to be celebrated at six closed churches, but they will remain closed.