Google Accused Of Monetizing Kids' Data Via YouTube"They created a successful model monetizing kids' data," said Jeff Chester, director of the Center for Digital Democracy.
Facebook Stock Plunges As FTC Confirms Investigation On PrivacyThe Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook's privacy practices following a week of privacy scandals causing Facebook's stocks to plunge.
Own A 'Snuggie'? You May Be Eligible For A RefundHave you purchased a “Snuggie”? You may be eligible for a refund, according to the Federal Trade Commission
Scam Alert: How NOT To Use An Amazon Gift CardWe have a warning tonight about using gift cards to buy things online. More and more people are doing it, but as Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan warns, you could get burned. In this report, he shows how not to use an Amazon gift card.
Warranty Act Protects Car OwnersIt's illegal for a dealer to say your warranty coverage is void because you had routine maintenance performed elsewhere.
A New Form Of False AdvertisingHave you ever been told that if you post a good review on line you’ll get a discount on your next purchase? Yeah, about that.
Leveling With You About Multi-Level MarketingAre multi-level marketing schemes like Amway and Tupperware legal?
Most Common Form Of Identity TheftWhat’s the most common type of identity theft? Probably not what you think.
Two Propane Gas Companies Conspire Against Walmart - And LoseWhat do Blue Rhino and AmeriGas have in common? An FTC complaint about the gas they pass.
Defining Deceptive AdvertisingWhen it comes to advertising, how honest does a manufacturer have to be?
FTC Accuses Gerber Of False Claim On Baby FormulaBaby-food maker Gerber is being accused by the government of claiming falsely that its Good Start Gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children.
Outlet Stores: Shop At Your Own RiskThe problem for consumers is that the Federal Trade Commission has no standardized definition for “factory outlet” or “outlet store”.

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