Freedom Taxi

(Credit:  Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

PPA Reducing Starting Bid For New Taxi Medallions

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is lowering the opening bid for new taxi medallions because it’s been unable to sell any at the current asking price.


(Artist's interpretation of what a taxicab distress signal might look like when activated.  Photo by Mike DeNardo, illustration by Ed Fischer)

Philadelphia Taxis May Be Required To Install Distress Signal Lights

Flashing “trouble lights” could soon be mandatory on Philadelphia cabs to alert the passing public that a driver is possibly being attacked or robbed and needs help.


Everett Abitbol, right, watches an employee load a Freedom Taxi van with Sandy relief supplies. (Credit: Pat Loeb)

Philadelphia Cab Drivers Help Their NYC Brethren Impacted By Superstorm Sandy

Waterlogged vehicles and gas shortages left New York City cab drivers without a source of income. Drivers for Freedom Taxi in Philadelphia knew they dodged a bullet and felt compelled to reach out.


(Credit: Thomas Vandergriff)

Surveillance Camera Captures Cab Driver Apparently Defecating On Street

A Philadelphia taxi cab driver’s license was suspended after being caught on surveillance camera apparently defecating on the street.


Access Denied: Philadelphia Has No Handicapped-Accessible Taxis

A local cab company says it’s willing to provide handicapped-accessible taxis, but it’s waiting for permission from the Philadelphia Parking Authority.