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Temple Business Students Hope E-Portfolio Gives Them An Advantage In Job Hunt

“You can put your resume on there. You could put information on there about what you have done. So you could write a little blog post about a recent job you’ve had. some students have created a video resume,” Munir Mandviwalla with the Fox School of Business says.


(A technician administers a flu shot.  File photo)

Area Pharmacies Doing Lots of Business With On-The-Spot Flu Shots

These days, flu season means big business for pharmacies, but not for the reason you may think.


(A panel discussion among regional officials was a feature of a White House-sponsored entrepreneurship conference today at Temple University.  Video frame provided)

Temple University Hosts Regional Confab To Build US Entrepreneurship

Lawmakers from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware, along with small business leaders, held a roundtable discussion on how to encourage entrepreneurship and create more jobs.



Analysis: Where Is The Economy Headed Now?

It was a rough week for the economy. Markets were rattled even though job numbers improved. It takes a look at what happened through the views of some real insiders.


(An anti-Gadhafi protest in Bern, Switzerland.  AP photo)

Libya Unrest Pushing Local Gasoline Prices Ever Higher

The rebellion in Libya has caused another big spike in oil prices this week, pushing gasoline prices in our region ever higher.


(Fox School legal studies instructor Christopher Cabott hands Jimmy Rollins two platinum records on Tuesday.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

J-Roll Shows Off Business Side In Talk At Temple’s Biz School

Phillies fans are well aware of Jimmy Rollins’ exploits on the field, but most probably don’t know that he’s been quietly paving the way for a post-baseball career as a music mogul.



Experts Discuss The Business Behind Holiday Shopping

It’s the official holiday buying season.


(credit: Getty Images)

Plan Ahead To Save Big On Black Friday

With Black Friday just a week away, what do we need to know about those holiday sales?