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Local Researchers Discover Link Between Estrogen And Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths in this country and now researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have discovered a link between the female hormone estrogen and the disease.


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Documentary About Local Man’s Battle With 2 Cancers To Be Shown Next Month

A 52-year-old Wilmington native turned his cancer diagnoses and treatment into an award winning film.



Report Shows Cancer Survival Rates Improving

When the American Cancer Society’s annual report comes out, this afternoon, there will be good news for cancer patients: survival rates are improving.


Dr. Michael Seiden, left, and Larry Kaiser. (credit: Pat Loeb)

Under New Agreement, Temple University Will Take Over Fox Chase Cancer Center

Temple University Health System will take over Fox Chase Cancer Center, under an agreement announced Thursday.


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Philadelphia-Based Group Puts Focus On Breast Health Issues

In an effort to raise awareness about breast health, a local organization is hosting its second annual “Breast Fest.”


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Fox Chase Cancer Center Marks National Cancer Survivors Day

To mark National Cancer Survivors Day, the Fox Chase Cancer Center held a day of celebration and an awards ceremony Sunday to honor those who have beaten the Big C.


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Commission Of Parks And Recreation Releases Guidelines For Transferring Park Land

It’s now the law in Philadelphia – a set of guidelines on transferring any city park land into private hands.


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Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Dr. Barry Blumberg Dead At 85

A prominent Philadelphia scientist, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Hepatitis B virus, has died. Dr. Barry Blumberg suffered a heart attack after giving a speech at a NASA conference in California.



Author Shares Her Story Of Living Abroad With Cancer

Moving a family from the US to China would be tough. So would getting breast cancer, but an author appearing this week at Fox Chase Cancer Center had to deal with both at once.


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Fox Chase Hosting Inspiring Discussion Session On Cancer

The Fox Chase Cancer Center is hosting a session tomorrow especially for women, and it will contain inspiring stories from some who beat the disease.


Fox Chase Recalls “The Philadelphia Chromosome” Discovery

Fox Chase Cancer Center today marked a medical milestone: the announcement, fifty years ago, of the first genetic link to cancer.


Modified Encephalitis Virus Shows Anti-Cancer Promise

Duke University researchers have had some success with a cancer vaccine made from a re-engineered version of the virus that causes equine encephalitis.