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Food Safety

(File photo: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

The Legal Definition Of ‘Enriched’ Flour

If you bake, you probably use enriched flour. But, legally, what does that mean?


(File photo.  Credit: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Insects In Yogurt Are Legal

How can insects be allowed into the food we eat? The answer is, because they are.


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Food ‘Expiration’ Dates

What’s the difference between a sell by date, a best if used by date, and a use by date?


turkey burger raw warning

Philadelphia Bioethics Expert Criticizes USDA Over Salmonella Response

Penn bioethicist Art Caplan is criticizing the federal government for not informing the the public sooner about a salmonella outbreak apparently related to ground turkey.


New Guidelines Allow For A More Liberal Approach When Cooking Pork

The USDA has revised its cooking guidelines for pork. You no longer have to cook it to 160 degrees. You can now serve it at a more medium rare temperature of 145 degrees.


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New Pa. Food Safety Law In Effect In Early 2011

Pennsylvania will have a uniform state standard for food safety inspections beginning late next month.