Facebook's New Facial Recognition Algorithm Draws Attention From Privacy ExpertsAccording to Science magazine, Facebook's facial-recognition technology is now "as accurate as a human being at a few constrained facial recognition tasks."
Brain Cells Recognize CelebritiesWe know there are brain cells in specific parts of the brain that seem to turn on only in response to pictures or individual images.
Study Of Monkey Brain Is RevealingAlmost all of the neurons in one area of a monkey's brain - called the face patch - responded at least twice as strongly to faces, as they did to other objects.
Study: Your Dog Probably Recognizes Your Face -- Even In PhotosResearchers say the canines studied studied the faces of familiar humans for longer than unfamiliar ones.
When It Comes To Recognizing Someone, Body Of Person May Be More Important Than FaceWhile most people think they rely heavily on facial features to recognize a friend from afar, a new study disputes that.
Fast Access AppFastAccess is a facial recognition app that lets you log on to banking and other sensitive sites by simply looking at the screen.
Facial BlindnessFacial blindness has always been a mystery but Stanford researchers have isolated the problem to a part of the brain called the fusiform gyrus.
NJ To Run Visual Matching On All of State's Driver's License PhotosAs part of a growing national trend, the State of New Jersey is about to check every driver's license in the state for visual duplicates.

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