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Local Students’ ACT Exams Lost

So what exactly happened here? Eyewitness News asked ACT officials.


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Typing v. Writing: Going Old School Might Be Better For Learning

When it comes to note-taking, students who do it the old-fashioned way might be better off.



How To Ace A Test

If you pay attention to the research, next time you study for an exam of any type – the driving test, GRE, citizenship – use a strategy that research has found best and only 11% regularly use, quiz yourself on the material.


Pa. Secretary Of Education Gives Districts 30 Days To Investigate Standardized Test Scores

Pennsylvania’s secretary of education is ordering more than three dozen school districts to conduct internal investigations of suspicious scores on state standardized tests.


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Technology Detects Cheaters

Using modern technology—miniature cameras, smartphones, and the internet – has made stealing and sharing exam answers easier than ever. And, other technology is making it more difficult.