Emily Rubin

(Cooking wine for sale in a Philadelphia grocery store.  Credit: Jim Melwert)

Local Expert Warns of Underage Drinkers Consuming Cooking Wine

Some teens are turning to the grocery store to get drunk, buying cooking wine.


Buffalo Wings

Weight Gain During Football Season? It’s a Wing Thing, Say Experts

With the Eagles opening their regular season tonight on “Monday Night Football,” it’s worth a moment to consider.


Local Research Shows Most People Overindulge While Watching The February 5th Game

On the Big Game Day in Indianapolis, it’s easy to overindulge—just remember to get your diet back on track when it is over.


(credit: Getty Images)

Broken Resolution To Eat Healthier? Some Tips To Get Back On Track

It is the second week of the new year and already you have probably broken that resolution to eat healthy. A dietician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital offers some tips, including the fact that you should stay away from fad diets.