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Eileen Behr

(DA Risa Ferman, Sheriff Eileen Behr, and dogs-in-training "Reece" and "Bear" wtih their handlers.  Credit: Brad Segall)

Patrol Dogs Being Added at Montgomery County Courthouse

The district attorney’s office used money confiscated from convicted drug dealers to buy a pair of dogs that will be trained to sniff for narcotics and will be used to patrol the two courthouse entrances and the hallways outside courtrooms.


(THE REAL THING.  Montgomery County sheriff Eileen Behr, right, and deputy John Austin, left.  Credit: Brad Segall)

Montco Officials Warn Of Phone Scammer Posing As Deputy Sheriff

The Montgomery County district attorney’s office is currently investigating at least two calls that were made to county residents in which the caller, identifying himself as a member of the sheriff’s office, demands the answerer’s Social Security number, date of birth, and address.


(Montgomery County sheriff Eileen Behr announces the one-week child support delinquency amnesty.  Credit: Brad Segall)

Montco Announces One-Week Amnesty For Child Support Deadbeats

Montgomery County officials say there are 300 outstanding bench warrants representing nearly $6 million that’s owed to the children.


(A section of the roof of a derelict mass transit bus flies into the air as an explosion is set off inside, part of a training exercise for law enforcement officials and others.  Photo provided)

Montco Officials Blow Up Mass Transit Bus For Training Exercise

The training exercise consisted of blowing up a mass transit bus which contained artifacts from both the “victims” and the “perpetrator” — items such as cell phones, keys, wallets and wedding rings.