Philadelphia City Council Votes To Keep DROP, With Modifications

Philadelphia City Council has voted to tweak the controversial lump-sum pension perk known as “DROP,” turning its back on the mayor’s call to abolish the program.


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Philadelphia City Council Unlikely To DROP Controversial Pension Perk

Will DROP be dropped? Not likely, it seems. City Council today holds its long-delayed hearing on the controversial pension perk, and the lawmakers are likely to ignore the mayor’s call to abolish DROP.


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City Council Faces A Week Full Of Contentious Debates

Today brings the start of one of the biggest weeks in Philadelphia City Council this year, with debates raging over bailing out the school district, requiring companies to give paid sick leave, policing the homeless and eliminating the DROP program.


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Rizzo Moving On After 16 Years In Office

Longtime Philadelphia City Councilman Frank Rizzo was the surprise loser in the recent Republican primary. He’s back at work, saying he’s ready to move on after his elected duties are over, later this year.


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Philadelphia City Council Aims To Improve DROP

After months of waiting, it looks like Philadelphia City Council will try to fix the controversial DROP retirement program rather than abolish it completely, as requested last year by Mayor Michael Nutter.



Philadelphia City Council Holds Hearings On DROP

Now that the Philadelphia primary is out of the way, City Council members hope to deal with the controversial DROP pension plan before they take their summer recess.



Philadelphia Councilman Wants Firefighter Retirement Deadlines Waived During Staffing Shortage

A Philadelphia city councilman says staffing shortages in the Philadelphia Fire Department could be readily solved if the mayor let dozens of firefighters who are due to retire stay an extra year.


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Philadelphia City Council Sets Hearing Date For DROP Issue

Nine months after Mayor Nutter called for the elimination of the DROP pension perk, City Council is finally set to schedule a hearing on the issue. But its increasingly likely that they’ll tweak — rather than abolish — the controversial program.


(Philadelphia City Council president Anna Verna, in file photo)

State Finance Agency Criticizes City Council For Not Dealing With DROP

The state agency that oversees Philadelphia’s finances is taking City Council to task for not scheduling hearings on the controversial pension perk known as DROP.


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Court Clears Way For 2 Incumbent Philadelphia City Council Members To Stay On Ballot

At issue where the re-election bids of city council members Marion Tasco and Frank Rizzo, along with the candidacy of City Commissioner Marge Targtaglione. All three are enrolled in the DROP pension program, and all three intend to return to office if re-elected.


(Philadelphia City Council president Anna Verna, in file photo)

No DROP Hearings Yet Because We’re Too Busy, Says Philadelphia Council Prez

Philadelphia City Council president Anna Verna denies any footdragging, even though she has yet to schedule a hearing on eliminating the controversial city pension perk known as “DROP.”



DROP Challenges In Philadelphia Elections Shifted To Pennsylvania High Court

A panel of Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judges says it is the state Supreme Court that should have jurisdiction over the challenges to the candidacies of City Council members Frank Rizzo and Marian Tasco, and city commissioner Marge Tartaglione.


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Appeals Expected After Philadelphia Judge OKs Candidates Who Took Pensions

Opponents say they are not dropping the “DROP” issue — the controversial city pension plan that’s created a large measure of debate in and around Philadelphia.


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Judge Rules Candidates For Public Office In Philadelphia Can Receive DROP Pensions

Three candidates for public office in Philadelphia can stay on the ballot, even though they’re, technically, retiring in order to collect a pension payment under the controversial DROP program.


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DROP Pension Recipient Marge Tartaglione Is Latest Target Of Challenge

The woman who oversees Philadelphia elections — City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione — finds that her own re-election bid is now being challenged because of her participation in the DROP pension program.