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Winning Numbers Drawn In $564 Million Powerball Jackpot

It is the fifth largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.


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Loose Leaf App

The Loose Leaf app lets you create and share your doodles.


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Rodin Museum Offers Monthly Sketching Class

The Rodin Museum at 21st and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is considered a jewel of Philadelphia.


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6 Facts About Tonight’s $400M Powerball Jackpot

The latest Powerball jackpot is estimated at $400 million, and it’s considered the nation’s fifth-largest ever.



Draw Something 2 App

It was just a year ago that Draw Something took over the app world – but its rise to the top was short lived. Draw Something 2 is hoping to extend the reign.


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Drawing Instructor Says Delighting In Small Things Will Help Creativity

Marshalling creativity may be more art than science, especially where a Seattle drawing instructor is concerned.


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Draw Quest App

The DrawQuest app features daily drawing competitions that let you and countless other people flex your creative muscles.


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Draw Something

Draw Something is like pictionary. You draw a clue, send it to a friend, then they try to guess the answer. And it might be the most addicting game of the year.


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Animation Desk App

Creating an animated cartoon might seem intimidating for non-artists, but the Animation Desk app makes it easy.


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Make A Coloring Book From Your Garden

You know those photos you take of your garden all year? You can turn them into a coloring book!