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Grocer: Philly Sugary Drinks Tax Could Cost Thousands Of Jobs, Create More PovertyJeff Brown, the CEO of Brown's Super Stores, says Philadelphia's drink tax will hurt families by costing jobs and creating more poverty.
Dom Giordano: St Joe's Must Address Professor's Comments About Trump VotersDom Giordano says St Joes needs to do something about a professor that said students don't need to open their hearts to Trump voters.
Author Says 'A Day Without A Woman' Protests Won't Be ProductiveAuthor and speaker Lisen Stromberg says instead of protesting with 'A Day Without A Woman,' advocates should focus on the needs of caregivers.
Foreign Policy Analyst: 'There Is A Permanent Bureaucracy That Has Declared War Against' TrumpForeign policy analyst Ed Turzanski says former National Intelligence Adviser Michael Flynn did not violate the Logan Act when discussion sanctions with the Russian ambassador.
Steve Harvey Defends Meeting With TrumpTelevision and radio personality Steve Harvey defended his meeting with Donald Trump
Former Virginia Attorney General: Trump Should Issue More Specific Executive Orders On Travel RestrictionsKen Cuccinelli feels the president will ultimately prevail in the legal battle over the order but thinks the process is too time consuming.
PA Speaker Of The House Reacts To Governor's Budget AddressPA House Speaker Mike Turzai reacts to the Governor's budget address.
Education Advocate: DeVos Lacks Comittment To Racially Integrate Public SchoolsFelicia Wong, from the Roosevelt Institute, says Betsy DeVos is not committed to further integrating American schools.
New Trump Adviser: Iran Still Not Following International NormsSebastian Gorka says Iran is still flouting international laws.
Pat Toomey: Democrats Won't Stop Trump NomineesPennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey says Democrats won't be allowed to stand in the way of Donald Trump's nominees.
Abortion Advocacy Group Opposes Nomination Of Gorsuch To High CourtVicki Saporta, from the National Abortion Federation, opposes the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
Senator Rand Paul: We Need To Restrict Entry From More NationsRand Paul says Donald Trump's executive order does not go far enough.

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