Dog Walking

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FTC: Makers Of Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags Misleading Consumers

Makers of biodegradable dog waste bags are in some deep doo doo with the FTC.


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2nd 15-Year-Old Charged With Murder In Dog-Walker’s Death In West Philly

Tyfine Hamilton was arrested and charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, robbery, violation of the uniform firearms act and related offenses.


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New App Raises Money For Animal Shelters Every Time You Walk Your Dog

Imagine every time you take your dog for a walk, you are helping other dogs with every step! A new app does that and it’s doesn’t cost you a penny.


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Stop Dog From Pulling On Leash

Pulling on the leash can be a problem for many people as they take their dogs out for a walk. It’s also a problem for the dog which must be corrected.


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A Doggone Stinky Habit

People are walking their dogs, picking up after them, and then just dropping the droppings – by the road, in the woods or in someone’s garden. Stop it.


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Top Dog Walking Services In Philadelphia

Look to these dog walking services in Philadelphia if you want Fido to be left in the best hands.


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Leash Pulling On Walks

Pulling on the leash can be a problem for many people as they take their dogs out for a daily walk and it’s also a problem for your dog and must be corrected for their safety.


Canine Hyperactivity

Very rarely does it occur that hyperactivity cannot be controlled without the use of medication, which should only be diagnosed by your vet or a qualified behaviorist.


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Dog Owners Meet With City Lawyers Over Schuylkill Banks’ Temporary Dog Run

Dog lovers and their lawyers have met with city attorneys to resolve issues about the size of a temporary dog-walking area at Schuylkill Banks, required to allow construction to get under way on a pedestrian bridge at the Locust Street opening of the park.