DNA Evidence

(File photo.  Credit: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Can’t Always Rely On Eyewitness Testimony

What kind of evidence is more reliable than eye witness testimony?


(The defendant's son, Anthony Wright Jr., in red shirt, is comforted following a court proceeding that would allow his father a new trial on rape and murder charges.  Photo by Tony Hanson)

Defendant’s Family Relieved as Phila. DA Agrees To Rape-Murder Retrial

The Philadelphia district attorney has agreed to vacate the man’s 1993 verdict and sentence, making way for a new trial based on new DNA evidence.


Ga. Man Held For Trial in 2 Philadelphia Cold-Case Murders From 1989

A DNA test resulting from an arrest in Georgia linked defendant Rudolph Churchill to the murders.


(Rafael Crespo.  Photo from Phila. PD)

Trial Ordered for Fla. Man In Philadelphia Teen Murder Cold Case

Seventeen-year-old Anjeanette Maldonado was murdered on her way to school in September of 1996, and the crime remained unsolved until a DNA hit last year.


(credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

Philadelphia Police Use DNA Evidence To Link Suspect To Rape Of 15-Year-Old Girl

Philadelphia Police announced on Tuesday that DNA evidence linked a suspect to two sexual assaults in North Philadelphia, including the brutal rape of a 15-year-old girl back in March.


(Murder victim Sabina O'Donnell, left, and defendant Donte Johnson.)

Fate of Sabina O’Donnell’s Accused Killer Heads to a Philadelphia Jury

Faced with DNA evidence, surveillance video, and a confession from their client, the defense made two arguments, one challenging the conclusiveness of DNA evidence and the other claiming diminished mental capacity.


(The state capitol in Harrisburg.  File photo)

Pa. Senate Passes Bill Expanding Use Of DNA Evidence

The state Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill to expand the use of DNA evidence in Pennsylvania.


wilkerson otis DL

Philadelphia Serial Rapist Sentenced To Decades In Prison

Otis Wilkerson, 39, was arrested after a computer DNA match in 2006.


(NJ Sen. Diane Allen, in file photo)

NJ Lawmaker Calls Billing Rape Victims For DNA Collection ”Horrendous”

New Jersey state senator Diane Allen says the federal government is supposed to pick up the tab for this, but sometimes it doesn’t happen and the victim is billed.