Distracted Driving

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Cops Probe Whether Woman Was Texting in Upper Darby Car Crash

Police say their investigation into the crash is moving forward, even as they wait to talk to the driver who was hospitalized with serious injuries after Sunday evening’s crash.



More Adults Texting While Driving

A large percentage of adults actually text on the road to and from work. This is concerning because there is clearly an increased risk of accidents from the distraction.


Texting And Driving

App 4 Driver

The App4Driver tracks your driving habits – specifically, things like excessive speeds, quick accelerations and sudden braking. It also tracks texts or phone calls answered while you’re driving – and puts together a report.


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Author and Magic Expert Visits Philadelphia To Describe ‘How’ It’s Done

A center city Philadelphia bookstore hosts a magician and wordsmith tonight at 7pm, a man who has explored what magic means to us all.


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NJ Senate Panel Okays Stronger Measures Against Texting While Driving

A New Jersey state senate committee has voted to substantially increase the fines and punishment for drivers who talk and text on a handheld cell phone while driving.



New Study Says Failure To Use Turn Signals Is A Leading Cause Of Car Accidents

Research from the Society of Automotive Engineers says failure to use those turn signals results in more than twice the number of accidents that are caused by distracted driving.


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South Jersey Students Hope To Put The Brakes On Distracted Driving

Cherry Hill High School East students are competing with nearly 30 other schools for a driving simulator.


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AAA Study Finds What Distracts Teen Drivers Most Often

A new study out from AAA takes a look at distracted teen-aged drivers — and at what’s distracting them.


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Pa. Legislature Sends No-Texting-While-Driving Bill To Gov. Corbett

Pretty soon, you’ll have to resist the urge to pick up your cell phone and send a text response to your BFF while behind the wheel in Pennsylvania.


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Distracted Driving Bill Moves To Pa. House After Passing In Senate

The ball appears to be in the state house’s court now that the senate has approved legislation that would address junior driver and distracted driver issues.



Pennsylvania Senate Gets Tougher On Texting While Driving

“Let’s ban text messaging – let’s make it a primary offense,” Allegheny county Democrat Jim Ferlo said.


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Pregnant Mother, Unborn Baby Die After Gloucester County Car Accident

Twenty-eight-year-old Toni Bolis and her unborn child were killed in a tragic accident Wednesday in Washington Township, New Jersey.


A dangerous number of people under 30 are texting while driving. (Credit: Getty Images)

Distracted Driving Bills Face More Opposition In Pa. Senate

Once again, state lawmakers are tackling the issue of distracted driving and once again, it seems members of the Senate are not willing to go as far as their colleagues in the House when it comes to penalizing such behavior.


Kathy Watson, the bill's sponsor, speaks publicly. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

Pa. House Passes Junior Driver And Distracted Driving Bills

The state House Tuesday approved bills dealing with junior drivers and distracted drivers. The junior driver bill passed by the House contains provisions that make it a primary offense for drivers and passengers under age 18 not to wear a seat belt and puts limits on the number of minor passengers in a car driven by a junior driver.


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Driver In Upstate NY Megabus Crash Pleads Not Guilty To 4 Deaths

Criminal charges have been unsealed against the driver of a doubledecker Megabus that rammed a bridge in New York state last September, killing four people.