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Dilworth Plaza

Thomas Paine Plaza

City Officials Meet With ‘Occupy Philadelphia’ To Propose Relocation

Philadelphia city officials met with Occupy Philadelphia tonight to present the permit proposal to move the encampment from Dilworth Plaza to Thomas Paine plaza, across the street.



Mayor Nutter Says City Will Not Force Anyone To Relocate From Dilworth Plaza

Top Philadelphia police and other city officials entered a conference room inside City Hall around 3 Monday afternoon to talk about what’s next for the Occupy Movement.


A crane is parked outside City Hall, near the Occupy Philadelphia camp. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

City Working Around ‘Occupy Philly’ Encampment As Relocation Hangs

This morning, Capt. William Fisher of the Philadelphia Police Department’s civil affairs unit went tent-to-tent in a small section of the Occupy Philadelphia encampment, telling people they need to stay out of their tents until at least 4pm.


(A Philadelphia police officer posts a "vacate" notice Wednesday evening on Dilworth Plaza.  Credit: John McDevitt)

Nutter Tells Occupy Philly: Stay Put While We Review Your Relocation Plan

The protesters said they had begun to move on Thursday night because they expected eviction, but Mayor Nutter doesn’t understand why they thought that.



‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters’ Attempt To Move Camp Rebuffed By Police

The ‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters are attempting to move their camp from Dilworth Plaza outside of City Hall to Thomas Payne Plaza, which is outside of the Municipal Services Building.


(A tent part of the Occupy Philly protests on Dilworth Plaza. Credit: Jim Melwert)

‘Occupy Philadelphia’ Formally Applies To Relocate

Mayor Michael Nutter says the “Occupy Philadelphia” movement has now formally applied to relocate its encampment across the street from City Hall to the plaza outside the Municipal Services Building.


Occupy Wall Street protesters have a special day planned to celebrate the two month anniversary of their movement. (credit: Spencer Platt)

Protests Planned To Mark Two Month Anniversary Of Occupy Movement

Members of the “occupy” movements across the country are planning a day of protests to mark two months since Occupy Wall Street first started. In Philadelphia, time may be running out.


(A tent part of the Occupy Philly protests on Dilworth Plaza. Credit: Jim Melwert)

City Tells Philly Protesters To Leave Plaza

City officials have posted notices in the Occupy Philadelphia encampment, telling the protestors they must move from Dilworth Plaza, on the west side of City Hall.


(Credit: John McDevitt)

With Construction Project Looming, What’s Next For ‘Occupy Philly’?

Those involved with the Occupy Philly movement are still camping out in front of City Hall. But with a construction project scheduled for Dilworth Plaza, what will happen to the protesters?


(Credit: Jim Melwert)

Police Probing Discovery Of Human Feces, Graffiti Near ‘Occupy Philly’ Tent City

Police are investigating the discovery of graffiti and human feces that was found near the “Occupy Philadelphia” protests.


(Members of "Occupy Philadelphia" hold a press conference on Monday outside City Hall.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

‘Occupy Philly’ Group Disputes Nutter’s ”Changed” Characterization

Leaders of the “Occupy Philadelphia” protest are accusing Mayor Nutter of trying to discredit and divide the group.


The tunnel underneath Dilworth Hall, near the Occupy Philly camp, is full of litter. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Commuters Fed Up With Occupy Philly

Commuters, who have to walk past the Occupy tents every day, say they’re tired of the camp. Some say they’re concerned about safety, others say they don’t like the smell.



Mayor Nutter: City Reevaluating Relationship With Occupy Philly

Striking a different tone than he’s used in the past when discussing the Occupy movement, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter says the Occupy Philadelphia campers are in violation of the terms of their city-issued permit.


jesse jackson with occupiers

Occupy Philadelphia Gets Words Of Encouragement From Reverend Jesse Jackson

Some members of Occupy Philadelphia felt validated by a visit from Reverend Jesse Jackson Sunday at Dilworth Plaza. The civil rights leader says they are doing the right thing in standing up for what they believe is wrong with our country.


tent city crime scene

Philadelphia Police Investigating Reported Sexual Assault On Dilworth Plaza

Philadelphia Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a 25-year-old woman at the Occupy camp in Center City.