Deborah Fries

(Penndot salt trucks.  File photo)

Pa. Agencies Working To Minimize Road Salt Waste and Pollution

What does all that salt mean for the environment when it’s washed away?



Southeastern Pennsylvania Dry But Has Not Crossed Drought Threshold

As large sections of the country suffer in drought, southeastern Pennsylvania has been dry, but has not crossed the drought threshold.


(A brown lawn is a sign -- albeit not an official one -- of near-drought conditions.  File photo)

Officials Say Southeastern Pa. Has Not Yet Reached Drought Stage

A nearly snowless winter melted into some later months with less rainfall, and now, in the swelter of July, drought concerns arise.


(The Schuylkill River Water Works.  File photo by the late Karin Phillips)

With Lack of Snow and Rain, Pennsylvania Evaluates Drought Potential

There was very little measurable snow over the winter, and rainfall has been lacking so far this spring in southeastern Pennsylvania.


(Parx Casino in Bensalem will pay big bucks to settle allegations of pollution related to its racetrack operation. File photo: Mike DeNardo)

Parx Agrees To Pay Big Bucks To Resolve Pollution Allegations

Parx has agreed to pay a settlement in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to resolve allegations of pollution related to its racetrack operations.