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(credit: Laszlo Bodo, Winterthur)

You Can Bank On Beauty At Winterthur

It’s called the March Bank at Winterthur, where a succession of bulbs heralds the spring in a dramatically simple way and, this year, it may last into April.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Colder Winter Means A Longer Wait For Spring

In cold winters like this, plants – even early bloomers – just wait a little longer.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

How To Get Flower Power

To get more of that dramatic Flower Show impact at home, what you can do when you go shopping this spring is, in addition to choosing plants by color, size and light requirements, check the bloom time too.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Time To Plant Bulbs

You can plant bulbs well into winter, but once the ground gets cold, it’s much harder to dig. So, do it now and you’ll be rewarded early blooms come Spring.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Planting Bulbs Is A Bright Idea

This is the time to plant bulbs that will bloom come spring. And if you plant a lot in one place, you only have to dig one hole.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

A Bright Idea – Learn More About Bulbs

Just in time for Spring, learn more about bulbs in a lecture Sunday at the Ambler Arboretum called “Bulbs A to Z.”


Here's a Bright Idea — Plant Bulbs

by KYW’s Phran Novelli You love them in the spring, you’ll plant them in the fall, but now, while it’s still summer is the best time to order bulbs so you can get exactly the […]