Cramer Hill

(credit: Chopper 3)

Crews Battle Apartment Fire In Camden

Flames damaged at least two units in one of the buildings.


(A display shows pictures of previous flooding at Von Nieda Park, in Camden.)

New Storm Drainage Being Built For Cramer Hill Neighborhood of Camden, NJ

An inch of rain puts Von Nieda Park, in Cramer Hill, underwater for days. Nearby streets and homes are also inundated.


(credit: CBS3)

New Community Center in Camden Creates New Opportunities For Residents

A whole new world of opportunity is taking shape in Camden’s Cramer Hill neighborhood.


(Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Construction Underway On 2 Little League Baseball Fields In Camden County

Camden is getting some big-league help to build two baseball fields for kids in the Cramer hill section.


Mayor Dana Redd (right) hopes selling rehabbed homes will be the economic boost Camden desperately needs (credit: KYW's David Madden)

Camden Begins Rehab Project For Abandoned Homes To Generate Tax Income

Officials are moving to take over hundreds of abandoned properties across the city, hoping to turn them into occupied and taxable homes. The effort started in the city’s Cramer Hill section.