Councilman Jim Kenney

(Philadelphia City Hall.  Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

City Council Begins Hearings On Mayor Nutter’s Budget, Today

Today brings the start of two months of Philadelphia City Council hearings on Mayor Nutter’s new budget, and the process could get heated over Nutter’s plan to overhaul property assessments, while bringing in $90-million extra to the Philadelphia School District.


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Mayor Nutter Plans On Vetoing ‘Wall Wrap’ Measure

Mayor Nutter plans on closing out the year by wielding his veto plan, nixing a plan for a large ‘wall wrap’ advertisement on a Center City building.


(Firefighters' union Local 22 president Bill Gault, at lectern, gestures while addressing councilmembers in the City Council caucus room today.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Firefighters’ Union Asks City To Halt Mass Reassignment of Paramedics

“Anything you could do, we would greatly appreciate,” said Bill Gault, head of Firefighters Local 22, in a personal plea to City Council members.


(Pedestrians walk in a traffic lane along South Penn Square.  A sign instructs pedestrians not to cross to Dilworth Plaza, where the area is fenced off.   Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Officials Eyeing Safer Pedestrian Practices During Dilworth Plaza Rebuild

Even though the signs read “Sidewalk Closed,” some pedestrians used to cutting through the plaza are choosing to walk in the street along the southwest corner.


Hoagies from Primo Hoagie's Sandwich Day competition. (Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Hoagies Lead To Light-Hearted Battle On City Council Floor

The age-old question of whether a hoagie is better than a cheese steak has apparently been settled in the hoagie’s favor on the floor of City Council.


(Philadelphia City Hall.  File photo by Timothy McLaughlin)

Philadelphia Lawmakers Move Toward Alteration Of City’s Business Taxes

With Philadelphia’s jobless rate in double digits, a City Council committee has okayed significant changes to the city’s business tax structure — and Mayor Nutter is on board as well.


(Credit: Steve Tawa)

Business Tax Overhaul On City Council’s Agenda This Week

City Council today tries yet again to tackle the thorny issue of Philadelphia’s business taxes, with a hearing on two proposals aimed at helping out firms based in the city and bringing new ones in.


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Philadelphia City Council Looks At Plan To Give Condo Residents Trash Tax Break

A city council committee will review a plan to give Philadelphia condo residents a tax break because their buildings use private trash haulers in the city.


(Councilman Jim Kenney.  File photo)

Philadelphia City Councilman Says Personal Info On Police Reports Getting In Wrong Hands

Councilman Jim Kenney says an open-door policy of the city’s Records Department is prompting the misuse of accident report information and he says some accident victims are getting scammed.


(File photo by Ed Fischer)

City Council Approves Slow Reduction In Philadelphia’s Parking Tax

Mayor Nutter is warning of dire consequences to the city’s budget after Philadelphia City Council — ignoring his pleas — voted to roll back the tax on fees at parking garages and parking lots.


(File photo.  Credit: Tony Hanson)

Philadelphia City Council Will Hold Public Hearing On City Redistricting

By law, City Council has only until September 9th to redistrict, based on census numbers that show a significant population shift in Philadelphia. The hearing is set for August 16th.


(City Hall chambers was packed on Thursday morning with many expressing opposition to Mayor Nutter's proposed tax on sweetened soft drinks.  Photos by Mike Dunn)

City Council Reaches Deal: Property Taxes To Rise, Soda Tax Dead

Philadelphia City Council has reportedly reached a deal that is expected to raise around $53 million in revenue to bail out the city’s school district.


(Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, in file photo.  Photo by Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Councilmembers Grill Schools Chief As Funding Controversy Deepens

Arlene Ackerman wants $102 million from the city to help cover the school district’s massive deficit, but councilmembers why the school district is spending money on other programs.


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Philadelphia Councilman Says Some Restaurants Charging Waiters For Credit Card Fees

A Philadelphia city councilman says some restaurants in the city have been taking their full credit card processing fees out of the tips intended for the wait staff, and he’s introducing a bill to stop the practice.


(Credit: Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia City Council Enters Gentrification Controversy In Point Breeze

It’s a proposed bill that would impose a one-year moratorium on construction of buildings, additions or roof decks higher than two-stories.