Councilman James Kenney

(Philadelphia city councilman James Kenney.   Photo from City of Phila. TV)

Philadelphia City Council To Hold Hearing On Verizon’s Alleged FiOS Delays

The vote, backed by Councilman Jim Kenney, came despite a plea from Verizon that no hearing is needed.


(Philadelphia City Council members enjoy a private luncheon at the Capital Grille, in center city.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Private Luncheon Doesn’t Violate Pa. Sunshine Law, Phila. Councilmembers Insist

It was lunch at a swanky center city Philadelphia restaurant today for a majority of City Council members. They insisted no official business was being discussed, and kept reporters from entering.


(File photo: Councilman James Kenney at a City Council hearing.  Photo from City of Phila. TV)

Kenney Joins Jockeying For Philadelphia City Council Presidency

Tuesday’s general election in Philadelphia has now given way to another election — one with just seventeen voters.


ICE graphic AP

City of Philadelphia Expected To Renew Info-Sharing Agreement With ICE

The City of Philadelphia will most likely renew its contract with the federal Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) following a positive review of the contract.


(Arlene Ackerman.  File photo by Mike DeNardo)

Analysis: The Speculation About Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman

This past week Philadelphia schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman was notably missing from a School Reform Commission meeting leading to speculation that she is on her way out.


(Philadelphia City Council.  File photo)

City Council Gives Thumbs-Up For Philadelphia Top Cop’s Salary Hike

Philadelphia City Council, which controls the purse strings of the city’s government, apparently has no problem with the $60,000 salary hike given to police commissioner Charles Ramsey to keep him from fleeing to Chicago.


Philly Tow Truck Drivers Stage Loud Protest Over Proposed Law

Honking all the way from the sports complex to City Hall, 175 tow trucks headed up Broad Street to protest the City Council legislation.



DROP Action Delayed; Watchdog Group Sees Stalling

It’s been more than three months since Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter called on City Council to abolish the controversial retirement program known as “DROP.”