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Convention Perspective: It Went By In A Flash
Convention Perspective: Democrats Embracing The Big QuestionsThe 2012 Democratic National Convention begins today, and there's no question the Democrats have their work cut out for them.
Convention Perspective: Comparing Apples And OrangesOne of the challenging things about grading the headliners on any given night of a political convention is that it really is the proverbial process of comparing apples and oranges.
Convention Perspective: Ready For The Big Show To StartWe’ve just confirmed that Governor Mitt Romney will make an “unexpected” trip to Tampa tomorrow so he can watch in person as his wife Ann delivers a speech to the Republican National Convention. And how could he not? It’s a huge moment for her – and for him.
Convention Perspective: Isaac Presents Big Challenge For RNC With the Monday session of the Republican National Convention now canceled, the big challenge for the GOP in Tampa is to cram four days worth of convention activities into three.
Convention Perspective: Headed To The RNCThere's nothing I love more than the big events that come around every four years: the Olympic Games, the World Cup, and my personal favorite the American political conventions!

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