Continental Airlines

BLOG: Continental One Pass Program To End

By Jim Donovan: Continental Airlines OnePass frequent-flier program will soon be a thing of the past. The program will officially disappear on Dec. 31st as the merger between United and Continental continues. Continental’s OnePass members […]



BLOG: Airlines Raise Luggage Fees To Europe

By Jim Donovan: You better pack light if your heading to Europe. Both United/Continental and Delta haved raised the fees they charge to check luggage on trans-Atlantic flights. You’ll still get to check your first […]


New Jersey Man Admits To Sex Assault On Airplane

A New Jersey man has admitted he sexually abused a sleeping female passenger on a flight from Hong Kong to Newark.


BLOG: United / Continental Raise Fares $10

By Jim Donovan: United and Continental airlines have confirmed that they are raising fares on many U.S. routes by $10 per round trip. U.S. airlines have raised fares at least a half-dozen times this year […]


BLOG: Airline Fuel Surcharges Return

By Jim Donovan: Get ready to shell out some more cash when buying a plane ticket. It looks like the old airline “fuel surcharge” is making a comeback. American Airlines has added fuel surcharges of […]