Confusing signage in the SEPTA concourse. Green means what? (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Philadelphia’s Labyrinth: Navigating The Often Confusing SEPTA Concourse

One example of sign confusion can be found trying to get from the Broad Street Line to the Trolleys at City Hall. There aren’t any signs. Instead, Williams jokingly points out, “There’s a green staircase, and everybody knows green means trolleys.”


(credit: CBS)

SEPTA Wants $40M Subway Concourse Makeover

SEPTA GM Joe Casey says it’s more than cleaning up. It’s installing cameras and better lighting and possibly getting retail development.


Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Top Ways to Kill Time at PHL Airport

PHL does a great job of sharing the best of Philadelphia with its visitors. Here are some highlights.


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Services Expand For The Homeless Community Into Center City Train Station

Philadelphia homeless advocates are trying a new approach to get the chronically homeless into shelter, this winter. They’ve set up shop in a storefront in the Suburban Station concourse.


Broad Street Subway Shooting

Shots Fired On Broad Street Subway Concourse

Philadelphia Police are investigating a shooting that happened overnight on the concourse of the Broad Street Subway, at Broad and Locust.


Subway Shooting

Man Shot On Center City SEPTA Subway Concourse

Philadelphia and SEPTA police are investigating a shooting on a subway concourse that happened early Tuesday morning.


SEPTA Attack

2 Teens Beaten, Robbed On SEPTA Concourse

Two teens were hospitalized after being attacked by a group of 12 boys on a busy SEPTA concourse Wednesday afternoon.