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(The Snapchat app in the iTunes store.)

Snapchat Says It Will Strengthen Security Of Its App

In a blog post, Snapchat says it plans to put out a more secure version of its application after hackers posted the usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million accounts online.


(Credit: Ian Bush)

Expert Says Recent Online Breach Highlights Users’ Security Lapses

The password for an iTunes account can get a cyberthief $8, according to one computer security expert.


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Penn Among Universities Worldwide Targeted By Hackers

Officials at the University of Pennsylvania had to deal with an incident of computer hacking that affected some 1,500 students — but the problem has been fixed.


(Graphic: Ed Fischer)

Online Shoe Retailer Zappos Warns Customers It’s Been Hacked

Zappos acknowledges that names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, billing addresses, shipping addresses, even partial credit card numbers were stolen.


Rutgers Prof. Says Hackers' Contest is More Than a Game

A convention of computer hackers over the weekend in Las Vegas held a contest using a technique that proves once again that the weakest link in most security systems is the humans.