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College Admissions

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Tailoring Your College Application

For those applying for admission to college, it’s important to keep in mind what the people at the other end of the process consider when they review applications.


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Glitches In College Application Process

This year, applying to college is tougher than usual because the ‘Common App’ software used by applicants for most schools has glitches.



Extracurriculars That Look Great On Your College Application

Colleges want passonate, engaged, energetic students with leadership potential. Here’s how to show them that you are the student they’re looking for.


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Can Your Social Media Image Affect Your Chances of Getting Into College?

How many admissions officers are using the internet to screen applicants? What kind of online behavior affects a student’s admission to the college of their choice?


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Changes To The Essay Portion On College Applications

What does the essay reveal on a college application…sometimes more than grade point averages and tests. So, when college counselors complained that the option, “topic of your choice,” was being removed, test makers listened.


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Do Low-Income, High-Achievement Students Find The Right Fit?

Every year there are college applicants scoring in the top 10% with incomes in the bottom quarter – and 82% apply to colleges that are less selective than those they are qualified to attend.


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High Tech College Counseling

An admissions counselor at the University of San Diego, Eric Felix and two colleagues started Open Access, a website that provides one-to-one college counseling at no charge through Skype.


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A Four-Letter Word Worth Noting

Lately high school counselors and college admissions officers have heard the same word over and over. ‘Grit’ is described by some researchers as the ability to overcome challenges or learn from mistakes.


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Web Profiles Haunt Students

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, several college admissions officers have discovered something online that has hurt an applicant – alcohol, drugs, bullying, plagiarism and even sexual assault.


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Colleges Learn To Sell Themselves

Weak job placements for graduates and heavy student debts are causing elite colleges and universities to prove to families and state governments that a degree is still worth the investment – and they’ve hired marketing pros to help.


High school students are targeted long before graduation by colleges looking to boost enrollment and revenue. (file photo/Getty Images)

Some State Colleges Nix Essay For Streamlined Applications

The application sounds like one of those credit card offers. “We sometimes call these ‘fast apps’ where you can say, ‘Oh, you’ve been selected to apply to our school — one sitting, fill this out, no application fees.’”


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College Waiting Lists

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a spot on the waitlist at an elite college doesn’t mean you’re closer to the finish line. The odds aren’t good!


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High School, Only Shorter

In an increasing trend, Minnesota, Utah, South Dakota, and Idaho give scholarships as an incentive to accelerate high school diplomas, cutting public school costs; twenty-four other states allow various ways to finish early.


(Lori Shurr, announcing the city's annual effort to help high school kids go to college.  Credit: Kim Glovas)

Philadelphia Renews Help For College-Aspiring High School Students

The city’s third annual launch of the Financing College Campaign was held Thursday at City Hall.


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Conshohocken Company Aims To Take The Frustration Out Of College Admissions

For parents of high school juniors and seniors, this is either college shopping time, or decision time. A Conshohocken-based firm aims to have hand in those efforts.