Colleen LaRose

(Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, in file photo)

Terrorism Colleague of Montco’s ‘Jihad Jane’ Gets 8 Years in Prison

Dressed in green prison clothes and wearing a black headscarf, Jamie Paulin Ramirez wept as she told Judge Patrice Tucker that she’d made a terrible mistake.


(Colleen LaRose, in file photo)

‘Jihad Jane’ Set To Be Sentenced

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of decades in prison for the 50-year-old defendant, instead of the formal life sentence.


(Colleen LaRose, in file photo)

‘Jihad Jane’ Faces Life In December Over Terror Plot

Two American women and a Maryland teen convicted of helping terrorists plan a Muslim holy war are set to be sentenced by year’s end.


(Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, in file photo)

‘Jihad Jamie’ Pleads Guilty In Terror Plot That Reached Philadelphia

Standing before Judge Petrese Tucker in federal court in Philadelphia, Jamie Paulin Ramirez admitted being part of the plot that included Philadelphia suburbanite Colleen LaRose, also called “Jihad Jane.”


(Jamie Paulin-Ramirez Credit: WSJ/Family Photo)

‘Jihad Jane’ Cohort Set To Plead Guilty

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, who allegedly conspired with a suburban Philadelphia woman known as “Jihad Jane” to support terrorism, is now expected to plead guilty next week, a month after Colleen LaRose pleaded guilty.


(Colleen LaRose, in file photo)

‘Jihad Jane’ Pleads Guilty

The terror defendant known as “Jihad Jane” plead guilty to terrorism charges in federal court Tuesday. The Montgomery County woman is in custody.


(file photo)

‘Jihad Jane’ Expected To Change Plea

The Montgomery County woman charged with plotting to support terrorism has reversed course. Colleen LaRose, who called herself Jihad Jane, is changing her plea.


Lars Vilks

Target In ‘Jihad Jane’ Case Set To Visit Philly

Prosecutors say he was the target of a death plot by alleged home grown terror suspect “Jihad Jane.”