Collective Bargaining


Who Gets Severance?

Unless you have an employment contract or are party to a collective bargaining agreement, your company doesn’t owe you severance, but they may still pay.


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Legally Badmouthing Your Employer

We’ve heard the advice: anything you post online about your employer can get you fired. Yeah. Only that’s not exactly true.



NBA Cancels Preseason Games Amid Labor Upheaval; Training Camps Postponed

The league announced Friday that all games from October 9th-15th are off and further decisions will be made as warranted.


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TSA Workers Pick A Union To Negotiate Their First Government Contract

Thousands of workers who screen baggage and passengers at the nation’s airports, including here at Philadelphia International, will learn later today who will represent them in their first contract with the government.


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Christie Wants To End Clothing Allowances For State Workers Who Don’t Wear Uniforms

State comptroller Matthew Boxer’s finding that thousands of white-collar state workers get $700 annual allowances for clothing, paid in a lump sum, without the need to produce a single receipt. Half of the workers are not subject to any clothing requirement at all.


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Governor Christie Says He Loves Collective Bargaining

Gov. Chris Christie says he’s ready to start negotiating with state worker unions, whose contract with the state is up in June.


(Opponents to the governor's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many state workers protest at the state capitol in Madison, Wisc. on Tuesday.  AP photo)

Poll Shows Americans Split Over Government Shutdowns, And Unions

The findings of the new Quinnipiac University poll, just released, includes what nearly 2,000 people think about government shutdowns — and public-sector labor unions.


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CBS News Poll: Americans Oppose Cutting Pay, Benefits To Balance Budgets

KYW’s Larry Kane says the survey has big implications for Republican governors in Wisconsin and New Jersey.


(Hundreds of union supporters turned out in the rain on Friday for a rally outside the New Jersey statehouse in Trenton.  Photo by David Madden)

New Jersey Unions Hold Unity Rally For Wisconsin Workers

Representatives of up to 58 unions rallied in the wind and rain outside New Jersey’s Statehouse in support of collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin.


Protests Continue As Wisconsin Budget Impasse Drags On

New Jersey Unions Planning Rally For Wisconsin Workers

Union leaders in New Jersey are planning a solidarity rally for public workers in Wisconsin.


(An estimated thousands of union supporters rallied today outside the Municipal Services Building, across from Philadelphia City Hall, in support of workers in Wisconsin who are trying to retain their collective bargaining rights.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

Thousands Rally In Philadelphia Against Wisconsin Governor’s Anti-Union Efforts

Organized labor in Philadelphia officially entered the “Battle of Wisconsin” today with a boisterous rally across from City Hall.


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NJ Gov Backs ‘Responsible’ Collective Bargaining

Gov. Chris Christie, who gained a national reputation fighting the state’s teachers and public employee unions, said Wednesday that organized labor should have collective bargaining rights.