Coast Guard Captain Kathy Moore

file photo of Paulsboro train derailment scene (Credit: American Red Cross)

Many Paulsboro Residents Return To Their Homes After Train Derailment

The long wait to return home began slowly coming to an end on Friday for residents of Paulsboro, New Jersey who were forced to evacuate as a result of the train derailment that caused vinyl chloride to leak from a ruptured tanker.


Paulsboro train derailment scene (Credit: American Red Cross)

Paulsboro Evacuations In Place Until At Least Sunday

The Coast Guard has made significant progress in dealing with last week’s Conrail derailment and chemical spill, but not enough to sound the all clear. And no one’s quite sure when that’ll happen.


Cleanup Efforts

Paulsboro Officials: Vinyl Chloride Cleaned Up But Evacuations Remain

Substantial progress is being made, but still serious questions continue to emerge. One mother believes her family was needlessly exposed to vinyl chloride for days.


community meeting

Frustrated Paulsboro Residents Speak Out During Community Meeting On Train Derailment

Paulsboro residents met with local, state and federal officials at a sometimes contentious open house information session Wednesday night, nearly one week since a train derailment and chemical leak shook up the borough.