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City Council

City Council Hopes To Have Agreement On Comcast Franchise By End Of The YearMore than 100 people testified over the course of several hours, last Thursday, both Comcast and its fans, who said the company has served the city well, and advocacy groups and disgruntled customers, who said it could do much more.
Comcast To Go Before City Council For Once In 15 Years Hearing On Franchise AgreementNutter administration negotiators and Comcast executives are scheduled to testify first, followed by panels of stakeholders, such as Hannah Sassaman of the media mobilizing project.
Phila. City Council To Pass Bill To Create Office To Investigate Wage Thefts“There’s a study that shows there are 90,000 incidents of wage theft per week,” says Nadie Hewka, an attorney for Community Legal Services.
5 Of 7 City Council Seats Expected To Go To Democrats, Other 2 Up For GrabsThere are seven at-large seats and five candidates from each party so, traditionally, two seats go to Republicans.
Bill To Hold Architects Accountable For Unsafe Demolition And Construction Goes To City CouncilPhiladelphia city councilman Curtis Jones has introduced a bill that would greatly expand who's responsible for reporting potential problems in demolition and construction projects.
Student Loan Crisis To Get Philadelphia City Council ScrutinyThe District Attorney and public defender are usually on opposite sides but on this they agree: the crushing debt most law students graduate with keeps them from going into public service.
City Council Committee Votes To Release $25M For Schools, But Scrutiny Isn't OverCity Council is expected to release $25 million for city schools, but council members at a hearing today said the scrutiny of district finances will continue.
Buying Smokes In A Drug Store Would Be Banned Under Bill Introduced In Phila. City CouncilA bill introduced into Philadelphia City Council would ban cigarette sales at all the drug stores in the city.
City Council Back In Session, Numerous Bills IntroducedThe bill is a response to a June water main break in West Philadelphia.
Council Plans More Tough Questions for School District In The FallEven with approval of the new money for schools, Council President Darrell Clarke is continuing to voice his displeasure with the answers provided by District officials during hearings.
Council Leaders Insist Politics Not In Play In Rejection Of Nutter's School Funding ProposalPhiladelphia City Council adjourned for the summer this past week after rejecting some key initiatives of Mayor Nutter.
After Primary Loss, Neilson Will Resign Council To Run For State HouseIt was in August of last year that Ed Neilson was sworn in to City Council, to fill the seat made vacant by the resignation of Bill Green.
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